Hiring a Man and Van or Renting a Van?


When moving home, you are faced with a quite a lot of tough decisions to make, many of them concerning the method by which you will move. First comes the stress of choosing good help in the face of a reliable company, but apart from picking a moving company, you also need to pick exactly what type of service you want from that company so that the move goes smoothly and just the way you want it. The challenges of such a move can be numerous, but one of them especially stands out. If you are, say, moving between flats, you probably do not have many items to take along. In this situation you are facing with two choices: should you hire a man and van service, or just check your removal company of choice for a van hire. Which is better and which should be avoided, if any? Let us compare:

The Man and Van

  • A huge plus of the man with van is that you literally get everything you need for you small removals job. If you are moving out of a flat, then you get the moving van that can take in all your items and the helping hand to assist you with carrying and loading. It is the ultimate service when you want something transported.
  • Another big benefit it is that you do not have to pay as much. This type of service is among the more affordable moving services in London and it is just the thing the doctor recommended for when you are moving.
  • Dealing with just one mover is easier than having to look after a full team. If you had to deal with a full house removals, then you would have needed to know where each mover was and what everybody was doing. Only one mover means doing everything you want systematically. No fuss, no hassle, everything is within your control.
  • Another thing that the man and a van allow is that it does not just have to be one mover. Despite the name of the service, if you want something done quicker, you can easily call for two or more movers and they will handle all the loading as well. You fully control the situation there.

The Removal Van Hire

  • Let’s face it – you know best what you need. With no movers around, you get only the tools you asked for: you get the van and all you need to do is load everything. You do not even have to do the driving as the van comes with a professional driver who will take care of the transportation.
  • With no movers to deal with, the whole move is basically organised by you. You do not have to worry whether the movers are doing their job, and you do not have to care about strangers being in your home while you are sorting boxes outside. You are in charge of the process and all you will be dealing with are tools.
  • Having an extra mover around is not always necessary. After all, if you can get a few friends around for the move, you can give them the job to carry a box or four and help you load any furniture you want relocated. Movers are not irreplaceable, if you know the right people.
  • No matter how cheap the man with van is, the van rental is always cheaper. With it you only acquire the transportation vehicle and a driver, but you do not need to actually pay for any moving services. This is a great service to save money with, especially if you are as self-sufficient as you think you are.
  • Even if you hire just a moving van, you can still acquire all the rest of the services that the company would otherwise offer, such as packing services or storage. With this you basically get all the benefits of a man and van, minus the man.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to those two services. You could go right with both, you could go wrong with both. The only question you need to ask yourself is: do you want to do all of the work, or half the work? If you want help, just cough up those extra pounds and don’t sweat so much about hiring extra people for the job. Every helping hand is welcome. But if you are indeed so self-sufficient, and you prefer the DIY moving method, then just go with the van rental. It is all pretty much up to you. Decide how lazy or how stingy you are and choose the option that appeals to you best. And then have a safe move.