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EXPIRED – The Mac Super Bundle – Spring 2013 – 9 apps incl. Parallels 8 for just 49$

Nova Development just published its Mac Super Bundle – Spring 2013 which really deserves its name.

At an incredible price of just 49$ the bundle contains 9 apps including the highlights Parallels 8, RapidWeaver 5 and Mac BluRay Player which normally sell at at least 60$ each.

For those who need at least one of those apps … the bundle is A MUST BUY!

Her comes a short summary of all apps:

Parallels 8 (79.99$)
is THE windows virtual machine. Parallels 8 also supports Mac OS X 10.8.2 and is an attractivte tool, if you are using both windows and Mac OS X.

TextExpander 4 (34.95$)
enhances the typing speed by predefined shortcuts and fixes typo.

RapidWeaver 5 ($79.99)
is a new generation webdesign software which lets you create your own websites without too much programming knowledge. Rapidweaver 5 publishes the pages as XHTML / CSS. According to the developers, it is based on a huge community which should make it easier to exchange with other developers.

Circus Ponies NoteBook (50$)
lets you add audio files to your notes.

Blu-ray Player ($59.95)
is the first Blu-ray player that lets you play BR discs on your mac.

Tidy Up 3 (39$)
finds duplicates files in order to clean your harddisk.

PDF to Word Converter for Mac (39.99$)
converts your PDF documents in word files.

FontExplosion 500 (19,99$)
is a font collection consising of 500 true type fonts.

Smart Trash (10$)
is a tool for deleting files.

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