The Packing Materials You Will Need for Your Move


When moving house, there are some aspects of the process you need to cover. One of them is obtaining the right packing materials you need to get the move ready and then actually moving. When you acquire the right supplies, packing becomes simpler and you make sure that no objects are damaged before they reach your new home. Choosing the right packing supplies usually makes the difference between getting all your things over to your new place in one piece, and getting there with a tonne of broken plates and decorations. To avoid that, here is what you need:

Removal Boxes

This is the most universal item that every moving person needs. It is often substituted, but never avoided – not unless the movers want their items squashed and / or broken. Boxes are excellent, because they can fit pretty much everything, their cubic features allow perfect order, and they allow stacking, which means more organised house removals.

Sealing Tape

Naturally, the boxes need to be closed and cardboard is rarely the most reliable thing to keep a box closed. With sealing tape the boxes stay closed and the items inside are much more secure both during the move and while loading.

Bubble Wrap

Another one of the universals, sometimes substituted with newspaper. Using it means that all items placed inside the moving box will be secured. No bumps on the road or inside the boxes will be a reason to worry about damaged items, because everything will be secured by the sturdy wrap.

Packing Peanuts

These little bundles of joy are fun while in the box as they are the saviour which helps all your fragile items survive most trips. They can also be substituted by balled up newspaper pages or clothes, but the standard Styrofoam or polystyrene ones are the best to use as they are soft enough to soften the biggest bumps.

Moving Blankets

And if you have bigger items that don’t fit in boxes, such as furniture or appliances, then you need the moving blankets to roll them up in and secure them in a nice spacey corner of the van.

With these packing materials, you will have no problems with securing the safety of your belongings. Nothing will be hard to transport and nothing will be damaged during the relocation process because you were smart with the packing and safe with the transportation.