Things to Consider When Downsizing


Moving house often times puts a big burden on you. And a lot of that burden is the literal physical burden of the amount of items you have to move. Just because you are undergoing a house relocation does not mean that you have to move absolutely everything. In fact, it is recommended that you don’t. Moving home is the perfect excuse to downsize and remove a lot of the clutter which you have to deal with on a daily basis at home. Do you really want to take everything – including that heap of old decorations you keep stubbing your toe in every time you cross your hallway? Consider these tips on downsizing to avoid such accidents. And here is what you should think about:

Do you need all your furniture?

If you own the furniture you want to move, then you need to decide whether you really need all of it. Furniture moving is quite a hard job and requires a lot of help from movers, but you can minimise the workload by picking what you really need and take the rest to a flea market, or donate it to a charity shop.

Do you need all your clothes?

Not at the moment – at all. We’re not talking about seasonal clothes and the ones you have to pack early. Surely you have clothes you have not put on for years, and then there are the scruffier clothes that are near tearing. Do you really want to take all these items with you, or should you also send them to a charity shop, or donate them to the Red Cross?

Do you need everything from your garage / cellar / attic?

All three are a huge source of clutter since you literally put all your rubbish there. You should go through every single item and make a heap out of all the items you will not need – and surely there will be quite a few of those! Take only items that are vital and don’t just throw everything in the boxes, you will surely not need most of them anyway.

Do you need all your kitchenware?

The kitchen is often a source of clutter. You have more items in the kitchen than you have in most other rooms, and over half of it you do not even use. Go through all the cabinets and drawers and check every piece of cutlery and utensils to decide what you want taking and what should be added to the ‘maybe not’ heap.

Consider having a garage sale

A great way to clear out your home before a house removal and make some money is to organise a garage sale. All the clutter you took aside and won’t be taking with you can be sold to your neighbours or passers-by. Make some ads, advertise the sale around the town as well and invite people to come and take their pick. You will earn more cash than you thought since some people would buy the craziest things. All that is left for you to do is to estimate the winnings, and then – if something is left – to donate it or throw it away.

After you decide what to do with all of these items, you are set to have an easier house relocation. When you get the man and van, you can be sure that all the boxes will fit in one removal van and you will not have to worry about hiring a bigger team. Downsize and you will save money and effort when moving day comes. So consider all of these points and have fun moving!